Beijing Nanshan Ski Village

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        Nanshan Ski Village is located near the Miyun County. It is about 62 kilometers from the Wanghe Bridge in Beijing and it is only a 30-minute drive by the Jing Cheng Express way.
        Since its opening in 2001, this ski resort has become the largest of its kind in China providing the most advanced ski equipments and amenities for all ski enthusiasts- both tourists and locals alike.
        In the picturesque resort, visitors are offered some of the most innovative and enticing ski facilities in the region. Currently, this skiing resort boasts of 25 trails for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers, including the famous snowboarding park, the NANSHAN MELLOW PARK, the first Mogul’s advanced trail in Chinaand the children’s playground area.
        The resort is equipped with a hi-tech snowmaking system and 29 snowmaking machines, 4 snow groomers imported from Leading companies in Europe, 3 quadruple chair lifts, 16 drag lifts and 4 magic carpets.
        Nanshan ski & snowboard school has 150 certified instructors, customize your needs to acquire the skill to ride the mountain like a pro. Whether you have never skied before or need to brush up your skills, we have the perfect program for you.
        Nanshan is not only skiing and snowboarding!  Try sledding from Canada or try out the Seasons Toboggan run, a 1,318 meter-long Summer Toboggan Run imported from Germany.
        For accommodation, the Shirton Inn, overlooking the nearby Rimbaud Pond, offers the most romantic residence in the ski resort. There are 30 double rooms in total that are all equipped with fireplace. The two Norwegian Villas with living room, sundeck and kitchen are ideal choice for family or small groups of ski aficionados. Additionally, the Nanshan VIP skiing club, the first of its kind in China gives VIPs the best view of the surroundings.
        At the mountainside, Terrace Restaurant & pub serves delicious western food, coffee and beer. The Nanshan Restaurant, the Dahuatang  North-east Restaurant offers the special Chinese plates, and the Hot Snack Bar offer a selection of popular Chinese cuisine and snacks. The mountain style coffee shop-Canada Ski Café, offers the best coffee, cakes and Canadian flavor.
        With all these advance and hi-tech equipments; cozy accommodations and luxurious amenities; excellent ski instructors and staff, the Nanshan Ski resort absolutely offers a unique leisure and recreation experience.
        Enjoy your winter life at Nanshan!


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